The Daily life Of A Buddhist Monk.

A Day In The life Of A Buddhist Monk

What do they do all day?

Buddhist monks have Many different routines some wake up at 5 am and don't go to sleep until 1 am. here is the daily life for a buddhist monk. (Keep in mind that not all buddhist monks have the same daily life.)

5.00 am: Puja (gathering prayers for offering). This takes two hours, and in this time, breakfast if offered. It consists of butter tea and bread.

7.00 am: Memorization (the monks memorize the Buddhist texts)

8.00 am: Debate Class (debating is how the monks learn Buddhist Philosophy and Analytical Meditation)

11.00 am: Gathering, prayers, and lunch

12.00 noon: Monks then have an opportunity to go and see their individual teachers for more Buddhist philosophical studies

5.00 pm: Gathering, prayers and dinner

6.00 pm: Debating Class

9.00 pm: Memorization and recitation (whatever prayers and texts they have memorized they then recite to enable them to keep it in their mind). This is sometimes done in the street by l\the only available lights…..pale street lamps. They continue this until 10 or 11 o’clock…then bed!!! For some monks though, in higher grades, they continue until midnight or 1am!!!!!

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