Wrightsville Beach AIG Newsletter

January 2013 ~ Happy New Year



K – 2 Nurturing

The Gifted Specialist is continuing to visit K-2 classrooms, and teach higher level skills to the whole class. K-2 nurturing classes began in November, and at that time the “HOT Seats” were given to each classroom.

WBS Chess Club will begin on Friday, January 11th for selected 2nd and 3rd grade students. This club will take place from 8:30-9:15 every Friday. If you would like to volunteer your time, please let Mrs. Kochakji know.

3rd Grade

Testing will begin the week of January 14th for students who need further data gathered. Once students are identified into the program, small groups will be participating in a pull-out session (math and/or reading) with the gifted specialists.

4th Grade and 5th Grade

There will be a couple of weeks of coaching this month. This is when the specialist will be in and out of all the classrooms. If there is a need for a small pull-out group, then it will be arranged between the specialist and the teacher(s).

AIG Enrichment Academies have been a great success so far this year! The students have selectively participated in a Global Read Aloud, Origami, and a Stock Market Academy. We were fortunate to have an Origami expert join us at WBS to teach the students her style of Origami. Thank you, Kim Wilt!

In January, we have 2 academies taking place ~ public speaking (5th) and the study of

Fossils, Cretaceous and Paleocene (4th)

If you would like to volunteer to assist with an Academy, please let me know.katherine.kochakji@nhcs.net

Bloom's Taxonomy: Critical Thinking Skills for Kids

Bloom's Taxonomy according to Andy Griffith


WBS Parent Advisory (WAPA)

Our next meeting will be held on Friday, February 7 at 8:15.

New Hanover County Gifted Advisory Council

Thank you to Beth Johnson and for volunteering to represent WBS at the NHC Gifted Advisory Council for Gifted Students.

The NHCS Gifted Advisory Council asks each school to select a liaison to attend the monthly GAC meetings. The liaison’s responsibilities include: monthly meeting attendance and reporting notes and relevant issues to the school. The meeting schedule is listed below. All meetings will be located at the Spencer Board building. A liaison can be a teacher, parent, or community member. The job of liaison may be shared by 2 people at the school, and attendance at the meetings can be alternated.

Tuesday, January 8th @ 6:00
Tuesday, February 12th @ 6:00
Tuesday, March 12th @ 6:00

4th and 5th Grade AIG Students