Parts of Constitution

Chantell Mack

What's it like?

The Preamble- the introduction to the constitution

The Article- 7 articles

The Amendments- there are 27 amendments total

What's it not like

Breaking any of those 27 amendments. For example, amendment 19 is the woman's right to vote. If a woman went out to vote and got killed or punished for it, because she was not suppose to do so, that's violating the constitution. Parts of the constitution are suppose to protect the country and its people.

Current day example

October 14, 2015 Freedom From Religion Foundation co-president Annie Gaylor says Belen is violating the US Constitution by having religious art on city property. Since then, the city is discriminating against nonbelievers. The Freedom From Religion Foundation wants Belen to remove the piece and has giving out threats. This violates the Constitution because, the first amendment is the freedom to religion. No one should be punished due to the religion.