Tech Workshops for Teachers


Is PLAYDATE right for you?

Who Should Come to a Tech Workshop?

  • Have you considered starting a class blog as a way to communicate with your students about their learning?
  • Would you like to have some time to play around with some clever tech tools that would enhance your lessons?
  • Would you like to experiment with tech around other teachers, so that you can also discuss ideas using these tools in your class?
  • Would you like to have the support of another teacher that is experienced with tech as you set up these new tools?
  • Are you passionate about technology integration in education and interested in helping others?

One of the most common complaints from teachers, myself included, regarding professional development is that there isn't enough time for us to "play around" with what we learn. After attending a training I often wish I had more time to think about how to implement what I have learned, to create the lessons for my class using the new skill I have just acquired, and to collaborate with others who are also implementing this new strategy. This is what the idea of Tech Workshops is all about: collaboration, time, and support around technology. I'm not planning to do traditional PD presentations and talk through slide shows. I will be happy to help you out and explain things, but the idea is similar to the "Playdate" from the video clip; we are just going to spend some time experimenting with tech tools together.

The hours spent on tech time will count towards your professional development stipend.

Tech Time for Teachers: What's this workshop thing all about?

Monday, Sep. 14th, 3pm

1099 Pomona Street

Crockett, CA

Room 9 (Ms. Marshall's class-upstairs)
3:15 Introductions

3:20 "Let's Talk Tech"

  • What technologies did you implement last year that you hope to carry over into this year?
  • Are there any technologies that you are hoping to implement this year?
  • What roadblocks do you anticipate in implementing new technology?
  • What technologies would you like to learn more about?

3:40 Navigating the resources on the web site and in Google Docs

  • After our first meeting I will adjust the web page to reflect what the group has an interest in working on.

4:00 Closure: Meeting dates/times, topics of interest, sign up for Remind notifications

The Resource Page

I have created a page on my website about Tech Workshops. If you think you might want to come, but want to know more before you decide, I urge you to check it out. If you really can't come but would like to check out some resources, the web page is there for anyone to use, just click on the link below.