All About The Moon

Basic Facts About The Moon

The moon is 4,527 billion years old. The distance between the Earth and the Moon is 384,400 km. The diameter to one point on the moon to another is 3,474 kilometers and in miles is 2,159 m. The circumference around the moon is 10, 917 km and in miles it is 6, 783.5 m to be exact. The revolution period is 29.5 days for one full rotation. The temperature can change from on average -387 °F ( -233 °C ) at night and 253 °F ( 123 °C ) during the day. This temperature happens because the moon has no atmosphere to restrict some rays of the sun, The temperature changes a great amount between day and night.

Who Discovered The Moon?

The moon was never actually discovered. Analysis of moon rocks from a number of different missions. They show that with no question that the moon is as old as the earth. Therefore the moon can already be seen from earth.

How Do We Observe The Moon From Earth?

We can simply see the moon through the naked eye from earth, but for more of a up close look a big telescope would serve up a better view.

Why is the moon interesting to you?

The moon is interesting to me because at night the moon reflects the sun and becomes the brightest thing in the sky when it is visible.
First Moon Landing 1969
- This is a video of the first landing on the moon in 1969.


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