Sodus Intermediate School Library

2015-16 Year End Report

How many students visited the library this year?

12,201!! That is an average of 68 students per day!

What did they do?

Students exchanged books, took a test, stayed after school, Fun Friday, recess, earned free time, class work, worked in a small group with a teacher, asked questions, used the catalog, used computers, used ipads.

How many items were used?

8784!! That is 39 items per student AND it is 53 items each day that are found, signed out, returned and put away! We circulate books, magazines, DVDs, VHS videos, playaways, earbuds and ipads.

What about electronic things? There seem to be a lot of those lately...

1,171 ebooks were used by staff or students.
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What else has been going on in the library?

*Of course we are always working on the collection. We weeded the Fiction section, the Videos and the Reference section.

*With the space gained from weeded Reference and videos, we were able to relocate some items and open up more space for students. We are currently working on setting up a cozy reading area with beanbags, magazines, lamps. And we also will have a table dedicated to crafty activities to be used mostly at recess and 10th period.

*We took a group of students on a field trip to the Sodus Community Library to get a tour, get library cards and learn about the programming in the summer.

*Ms. Lessord uses the library to work with groups of students 3 times each day.

*There are 2 HS volunteers.

*We maintain and circulate a set of 25 ipads!

*Small groups of students work with teachers and sometimes use the computers if the lab is not available (i.e.. MAPS testing)

*Staff and student volunteers use the copier (which sometimes needs attention from library staff)

*WXXI filmed student review writers and aired them on PBIS's Homework Hotline show.

4th grade library classes

Students practiced using a variety of reference books both in print and online, including a dictionary, and a thesaurus. They also did a mini project after learning some amazing facts about rats!

5th grade library classes

Students completed an EXPLORERS research project in collaboration with Social Studies classes. They used an article from a website and an article from the World Book Online database to get information. They wrote notes on an organizer, created and presented PowerPoints and properly cited both sources.

6th grade library classes

Students chose a chemical element from the Periodic Table and used an article from a website and an article from the World Book Online database to get information. They wrote notes on an organizer and properly cited both sources.

Julie Beckens, IS Library TA

Jennifer VanKouwenberg, IS Librarian