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Welcome to the Summer 2015 semester!

Welcome! I am so excited about the summer! We are all going to learn from this new adventure!

Even though we are an online course, we will get to know each other as we make our way through the first 250 years of America's story-the people, the events and the circumstances that surrounded America's first citizens.

An online course is different in many ways from a face-to-face course. I will adapt our curriculum to suit the online environment and you as students will be responsible for checking in each day during the week for announcements and assignments and at least once on the weekends. Online courses require more discipline from students in that we don't "meet" in person; however, we have discussions and readings as well as quizzes and tests just like a traditional course.

I am always available by email or text (and by phone unless it's really late at night!)

Please read the syllabus thoroughly. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! (I will try to predict your questions and concerns, but sometimes it doesn't work.)

Again, I am so excited to share America's history to 1865 with you all this summer. This is my favorite part of the American saga and I hope you will learn (and enjoy it) this summer.

Jennifer Egas


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