Room To Read


What Is Room To Read?

Room to read is a charity that supports underprivileged young women by providing them with an education. In some countries, a girl is treated as simply another mouth to feed, and they are banned from school, work, sport and even showing their faces outdoors. In Afghanistan, they shoot people who don't abide by these rules in the street. The first step to helping these girls in need is raising awareness.


Some fundraising ideas to do in schools are:

  1. A mufti day
  2. A reading challenge
  3. A short story/writing competition
  4. A poster comp.

How you can help

You can help by contributing to these ideas in your own neighborhood, among friends, at school- or you can simply tell people about it. The first step is raising awareness, so even if you can't help, people around you might. So post a tweet, send an email or just slip it into conversation and you are contributing to an extremely worthy cause.
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Where is your money going?

Money donated to room to read pays school fees and builds schools and libraries. Your money can also buy bikes, uniforms and books for children in need. And just one dollar can buy a book, so spare change is even welcome. To help make our world a better place, donate to this website:

You can bring us one step closer to less women abuse and ultimately help us achieve world peace.