The Bold Beauties

Weekly Check-In

My dream for May

Some of you might know that it is my dream to make Stella & Dot my full-time career. I love this business and having the opportunity to help women become leaders and style their lives in a way they never thought possible is what truly makes me happy.

That said, I shared my goal with you last week that my goal for us is to become a STAR stylist team in May. I chatted with Nirah (my upline) this morning and she said to me, "Colleen, this is YOUR team's month. You guys can do this." And guess what - she is RIGHT! This IS possible for us. I'll admit that it's going to be a lot of work, but I believe in our small but mighty team of Bold Beauties!

Here is what we need: 4 qualified stylists and 8,000 GCV ( or $12,000 in combined team sales).

Here is why I want this: It means we will be on the map. If the Bold Beauties promote to a Star team, that mean's the Passionista's team will promote to a Senior Director team. It would make the home office stand up and take notice of us. It would mean potential new training for our teams, as Danielle and Anita and Mike and Jessica typically only go to areas where a Senior Director Team is located. It would mean special recognition at Hoopla and everyone knowing who the Passionista's are.

So here is my commitment to you: whatever you need - I will give it. You need a one-on-one chat before your trunk show? It's yours. You want me to go over the basics with you and help you book trunk shows? You've got it. You need me to just show you a little love? I AM THERE.

And when we pull this off we are doing some serious celebrating! Everyone that qualifies in May will receive a Bring It jewellery roll. For those of you in Halifax, I'll treat you to a night out on the town for drinks. For those away, I'll buy you the best bottle of bubbly and send it your way. We will celebrate YOU and all you have accomplished. And I can't wait!

xoxo, Colleen