Do we really know what it is?

What is Your Appendix?

You have an appendix. Everyone does, unless they get it removed. Your appendix is located in your lower abdomen. It is a fingerlike pouch that has no necessary use for the human body.

What is Appendicitis?

Appendicitis is when bacteria gets into the appendix and causes inflammation. The appendix will then rupture and the bacteria will spread through the abdomen area.

How Common.

The odds of getting appendicitis is 1 in 15 people in the U.S.

Some Symptoms to Determine Appendicitis

Risk Factors of Appendicitis

Appendicitis in an uncontrolled risk because...

•You cannot control weather a piece of feces gets stuck in the appendix or not.

Disease Process




All of the above can plug the appendix causing it to swell and be diagnosed as appendicitis.

Diagnostic Treatment

Your doctor will check for...

•Abdominal inflammation


•C.T. scans

•Blood test for infections

•Urine test.


People that eat foods that are high in fiber (like fruits and vegetables), are less likely to get appendicitis.

Copping with Appendicitis

If you took medicine that your doctor didn't prescribe, then that could make matters worse. So just try to manage it or try not to think about it on your own and that would help.


You have two choices:

•Number 1: Surgery

•Number 2: Antibiotics.


There is no way to prevents appendicitis but if you eat foods that are high in fiber (like fruits and vegetables) then you are less likely to get appendicitis.

Here are Some Pictures of the Process Through Appendicitis.

Go to the Link Below and Watch a Video


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