Rachel Vincenzo and Makenzie Kesler



Cut Usage Down of Foreign Oil

Outline of Plan

1. Cut down on America’s use of oil: Create more smart cars, and make them more affordable towards every day Americans. Also, replace “gas guzzlers” with subway systems and buses, so that a lot of people would be using the same oil and it would be a lot less of it. Also, we could find more alternative sources for gas so that the need for oil would be replaced with the need for alternative sources.

2. Make oil more expensive: Less people would feel the need to buy the oil and use it, so the amount of oil we would need would be less because less people would want to buy it because it would be more expensive. If people feel the need to not buy oil because of the price, then oil demand would be less so we wouldn’t have to import as much oil from the Middle East.

3. Find oil in countries that are closer to us: Mexico has oil, and if we could use that oil then the cost of shipping the oil overseas from the Middle-East would no longer be needed. Instead of getting oil from other countries, we could use oil drills to get oil that’s already on our soil or close to it. If we import oil from places closer to us, then we wouldn’t need the oil from the Middle East and we could stop importing oil from them.

4. Slowly import less and less oil from the Middle East countries: We would still be importing oil for American’s everyday use. But we would import less because over time we gradually decrease the amount of oil needed for everyday activities like when we drive, build, take medicine, and fly. These are just some of the things that need to oil to be able to function. We can’t just stop using oil all together, because every day things that we do include oil. We would just want to import less of it.

5. Create more U.S. oil refineries: The more oil produced on U.S. soil the better. It makes the oil cheaper in prices but even better in quality. Oil is used in transporting oil from foreign countries to the U.S. we need more refineries here that oil responsible for creating a better and cheaper oil. Pipelines can be used for transportation of the oil to nearby consumers and distributors.

Written Statement

Director of CUDOFO: Mark

Arguing person: Debra

Stage: Two chairs on stage facing audience as if it were a talk show

Mark: Hello ladies and gentlemen I would like to thank each of you for coming tonight in order to learn how we can make Americans less dependent on oil and how our organization CUDOFO, which stands for Cut Usage Down of Foreign Oil, is going to do that. I would like to introduce to you all Debra, who is acting as if she is one from the public with contradicting arguments. Let’s get started in this conversation.

Debra: My first question is, Why does your organization feel like they can make a difference in the amount of oil usage by U.S. citizens?

Mark: Great question! Our organizations purpose is to spread awareness through the United States about how much oil we are using and how at this rate the oil prices are going to tremendously increase because of the unstableness of Middle East countries. We do not feel as though we can make a difference to every American however with us spreading these facts to you all, the audience, you all can go and spread this information to others who will pass it on.

Debra: I understand you cannot tell everyone about Americas over usage of oil but how does CUDOFO feel they can prevent this from happening by taking actions and not just saying words?

Mark: As the founder of CUDOFO which stands for Cut Usage Down Of Foreign Oil, we have discovered five easy ways to lower the levels of oil usage, first we need to make more bus systems and smart cars that affordable, second the amount of oil imported from other countries needs to drop drastically, next oil prices in America need to go up so that way Americans cannot afford as much, fourth we need to import oil from countries closer to us, and last we need to have more oil refineries in the United States.

Debra: And which of those steps is going to be the most important and the biggest priority?

Mark: As a company we haven’t pin pointed one point that is most important because each step we created is necessary. But personally I believe that the last step is the most important, if we have more oil refineries in the U.S. there would be cheaper oil and a lesser demand for oil usage. These refineries use pipelines to transport the oil so they are not even using oil to transport oil.

Debra: I think that this organization has a great purpose and I really cannot wait to see what they do with these great ideas.

Mark: I would like to once again thank you all for coming tonight. I hope that you learned how we can prevent such a high usage of oil. If you have any questions or concerns please log on to I will be out in the front after this to answer any questions you all might have. Thank you and have a great day.