Origins and dates and importance

William peon discovered gold near sugar lake in 1862 and that's what started the mad gold rush.The HBC was buying gold from the first nations then the gold rush started in the Okanagan. the word started to spread and more people started to come to BC. especially the Okanagan are. The places where the mined where powers creek, Bear creek, Rock creek and mission creek. It brought a lot of people to the Okanagan because gold was known to make a man wealthy. The fur brigade trail was getting traveled on by missionary, cattle ranchers, farmers and miners. once the gold started to run out people became poor.


The gold miners were very important to the Okanagan because the gold kept them wanting to stay there so it made them have permanent settlements and when theirs a hole bunch of miners there has to be other people like farmers, cattle ranchers and people who own stores so that the hole community works well. so the mining in the Okanagan brought allot of people there.

Role of the Okanagan Fur Brigade Trail in the development of miners

The miners walked this trail all the time to get from place to place. William peon walked this trail. he was the first man to have a a settlement on the mission creek he Discovered gold in cherry creek. David Douglas also walked along the trail. he was the first person to discover gold in the Okanagan lake.

driving question

The impact William peon had on the growth and development of the Okanagan valley was that he discovered gold in cherry creek. that's what started to attract people to the valley because of the mad gold rush starting to happen. William peon was also a guide for father Pandosy who played a big role for the Okanagan.


Father Pandosys settlement is still up to this day and it was built in 1960

There is a small statue that the area was a hbc trading post. its very clsoe to where i live

reason for settlement

The reason that they wanted to have a settlement there was because there was gold to mine and it was a nice place. The missionaries were the first people to have a settlement there and once the gold rush started to happen the miners decided to stay there.

early history

William peon was a guide for father pandosy and also found the first gold in cherry creek witch started the gold rush!