Pine News Update

March 6

This Week in Pine

We did lots of great things this week. With Sara from Studio in a School, we started painting. In math we studied patterns. In reading we talked about getting to know characters. In writing, we wrote our own stories.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • How can you paint something beautiful with just black paint?!
  • How did you make music in math class this week? Did you do math in music class?
  • What can you do to get to know a character in a book?
  • Tell me one of the stories you're writing...


Paul told a story to the class about a young girl named Rafi whom he taught two years ago. She was born with a disease - which in kid-speak means being sick every day, sick every week, sick every month, sick every year. Her disease makes it so she has ouchies and booboos everywhere and needs to where band aids almost everywhere on her body. However, she is super brave and continues to go to school even though her doctors have said that she should stay at home. Paul is running in a race to celebrate how brave and strong she is and people are donating money to support the doctors who take care of her and other kids with her disease.

Some kids gave change in our classroom. If you can give something please find more info here:

Musical Patterns

In math class as we study patterns, we are connecting to Sara's study of ostinato in music. Here you can see a student holding cubes that they have connected to motions through a code. The codes were also written down. Maybe you'll see some of these musical score/choreography notes tomorrow at the dance. Maybe they'll get the wallflowers moving!


We did bad things at lunch. We pushed and said curses. Some of us did. And some of us didn't. We all want people to be good.

We talked about making signs that remind people to be good during lunch. We also need jobs so that kids act responsible for the classroom.

(FYI: Kids asked us to include this in the newsletter.)