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Fermented Products

Kirk (starter) = sign for any dairy product, which was created by dairy cultures (yoghurt, Keir or cream), the condition is at least Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review one million bacteria per gram.

How many fermented products consume daily?

In order to be able to see each other all the beneficial effects of lactic acid bacteria, it is necessary to consume fermented products regularly, preferably daily.

The minimum effective amount can not be accurately determined, it depends on many factors, each person needs a different amount, but generally it is stated that it is appropriate to eat every day at least 100 g / ml fermented product, i.e. at least 10 million of lactic bacteria.

And how is it abroad?

Many countries have their national traditional fermented milk drinks. For us, the most famous is probably the Slovak finical that is produced, which is produced by the fermentation of whey from sheep's milk.

In Ukraine, creamy fermented milk drink made of fermented, a similar product in Russia says variance.

Scandinavians swear to plateful (Sweden) or Myer (Denmark) arising says milk cream culture and then adding rennet to milk protein collide in the solid state. The precipitate is then stirred and drinking.

In Asia, people produce umiaks, a product BV Cures similar to "our" Keir, but from mare's milk. In the Caucasus is made from buffalo milk drink Macon that arises by adding dairy streptococci and bacilli strains other than used by us.