Makerspace Mondays

"Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (i.e., STEM) education has emerged as one of the most sought after curriculum designs for integrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into K-12 education. It first became popular as a means of serving the needs of mathematically gifted students, providing opportunities to both accelerate learning and increase the rigor and depth of learning".

I have been wanting to create a Makerspace in the Learning Commons for YEARS!! Basically, a Makerspace is a place for students to create, tinker, and problem solve for the sake of higher levels of learning. I have created "Makerspace Mondays" to try to give Fairmount students the opportunity to be creative using STEAM activities (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). My goal is to try to reach all students at least once a month.

You may sign your class up using our calendar "LC Lessons" - You may also email me. THANKS = it has been a lot of fun!!

Other Lessons....

Now that Cathy Selleck is here on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I am able to do more lessons!! If you need help with a project in your Units of Study, anything technology related, reading of award nominees (Show-Me and Building Block), or anything else -- PLEASE reach out to me!!! These lessons can take place Monday-Friday!


I am going to attempt to do extension activities with every grade level at intervention time. So, please send me some names of kids that you think would benefit from an extension. I am looking for kids who typically do not receive any intervention. Here is the schedule:

Monday - K/1(1 per class)

Tuesday - 2 (2/3 per class)

Wednesday - 3 (2/3 per class)

Thursday - 4 (2/3 per class)

Friday - 5 (3 per class)

These could be the same kids each week OR different kids!