By: Kaspar R. Klingman

Learn of his famous predictions

He was to said to have predicted many famous events such as 9/11 and the jfk and rfk assassinations. Many people are astounded by his "predictions" but some people feel that they have been altered.

HIs experience as a medic

Before he was a famous astrologer he went to med school at the age of 14 but only was in school for roughly a year before it shut down because of an outbreak of the bubonic plague. He used that experience to help many people through they're hard time.

Here are some pictures of this man.

Some other "predictions"

World War 2

Nostradamus was widely thought of to have predicted the start of world war 2 by knowing of the rise of Hitler before he was even born but in his original prediction he called him "Hister" many people think this to be a spelling error.

Ending Information

Nostradamus December 14 1503- July 2 1566, lived a life of hard work but was wieldy recognized for his work.