Bailar y mas?

Te gusta bailar,te gusta pasar tiempo con amigos?

Our studio has many dance classes and many shops!

In our studio we have many dance classes like Jazz,Hip Hop,Ballet,Tap,Belly dancing,Break dance,Salsa,and many more!We have very flexible schedules and we love for our students to bring their friends and family to the classes.There are also many shops in our studio.We love to sell our supporting t-shirts and sweaters along with very comfortable and very stylish sweat pants.We also sell drinks and food.

Classes,Clothes, and Many more! The items listed below are only a little bit of the amazing things we have.

Dance from your heart at our studio!

Office Hours- Prices-

Mon~Fri-9:30am to 10:00 pm You pay $98 once every month.

Sat~Sun-8:30 am to 10:30pm

You can chose a class and/or more classes to do during those times.

We are Dance From Your Heart!!

We hope to see you at our studio!!Everyone is welcomed and we hope you have a great time!