Techtastic Tools

Tech Tools to Use in the Classroom and Beyond

Techtastic Tools

This flyer suggests tech tools for you to try in your classroom. A brief description of the tool and how it can be used is given. Please do not let my suggested uses limit you. Be creative and imagine the possibilities of each tool! If you would like to learn more or implement any of the tools below please contact me at

Kidblog to Motivate Reluctant Writers

Kidblog is a safe blogging site designed for students and teachers. Blogging provides students with an authentic platform and audience for developing literacy skills. Today, students are writing more than ever. Read here to learn more about how digital writing is making kids smarter. Kids may not be always be composing formal writing, but they are digitally writing and publishing all the time (texting, commenting, messaging, etc.) This is why blogging has become so popular among teachers with engaging even the most reluctant writer.

What do you need to do to get started?

· Set up a 1-hour teacher training with me to learn about blogging.

· Invite me into your classroom for the following lessons with students:

* Creating accounts—getting started

* Writing on a blog

* Editing a blog

* Commenting on a blog

* Use me for on-going support as you watch your students become published authors!

Thinglink to Create Interactive Images

With the Revolutionary War unit coming up try using Thinglink to have your class create a collaborative, interactive image or timeline. Students research to find websites, images, videos, and other media to answer the essential questions:

  1. How did the colonists’ ideas about government differ from those of the British Parliament?
  2. Why is the Declaration of Independence an important document?
  3. What contributions did Virginians make during the Revolutionary War era?
  4. What roles did whites, enslaved African Americans, free African Americans, and American Indians play during the American Revolution?
  5. What was the importance of the Battle of Great Bridge?
  6. Who was Jack Jouett?
  7. What was the importance of the American victory at Yorktown?

Interested in other Thinglink examples? Visit TechChef4U's Thinkglink EDU Examples Pintrest board.

Educreations to Create Video Tutorials

Educreations is a recordable whiteboard. It can be used by students to explain concepts, retell stories or events, or show and explain how they solved a math problem. Teachers can use Educreations to create tutorial videos as a review or for students to view at home when completing homework.

Educreations includes a drawing tool and recording tool. The recording tool records your drawings and voice. You can also add images from your computer. The finished Educreations can be shared through a link. There is also an Educreations app available.