You Can Get Addicted

By. Baylee Stover(8)

Of all people in the world that do drugs , teens are most likely to do Most teens drugs to feel good or to relax and "escape" from the drama and just everything going on in the world.TEENS CAN GET ADDICTED TO DRUGS VERY EASILY.

In the seventh through eighth grade 46,000 teens do drugs. Teens get started on drugs, because of friends offering the drugs to them and they also get started by parents or parents friends or just by being curious.

teens get drugs from friends,medicine cabinets and of course sellers. Some teens that do drugs don't get drugs from friends or from sellers or even medicine cabinets. Some teens steal them from pharmacies and even from grocery stores.

You may be wondering how the teens got started on drugs. A lot of teens get started on drugs from being around friends that do drugs, but also just from being curious and wanting to know what it's like to drugs.

Why Do Teens Do Drugs?

There are actually a few reasons why. Some do drugs to relax or escape. Some do drugs to fit in with other kids that do drugs. but also to take their minds off of something. Maybe something that happened at school that day, or maybe even something that is going on in the family.

Some effects that drugs have on teens may include mood swings, loss of interest, violent behavior, depression, but most commonly is missing money. The effect on a friend of a friend doing drugs are things like it can make the friend feel uncomfortable, because they might think that their friend is going to be mad at them for not doing drugs with them.

Teens get prescribed drugs by Docters because, they might think the teen needs the drug. Although some teens just go to the store and buy drugs or even steal the drug that are over-the-counter.

Some drugs are bad for you but if you actually need the drug and you aren't abusing it than it can benefit you.


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