Adolescent Emotional Tendencies

Karen Merino, Maria Jose Morocho, Kelli Francis, Ian Allison

Eleven Year Olds - Typical and Observed


- Moody

- Need adult empathy

- Need time to talk

- Self absorbed

- Tough time making decisions

- Well behaved away from home

- Worry a lot

Eleven Year Olds - Implications

- Asking for help too much where it takes away from learning time

- Can become frustrated

- Don't think of consequences to their actions

- Exclude students from certain situations

- Talk too much during class

Twelve Year Olds - Typical and Observed

- Adult personalities emerging

- Appreciate adult interaction

- Begin thinking about earning money from jobs

- Begin to take initiative

- Capable of self awareness

- Care about opinions from their peers

- Leadership qualities

Twelve Year Olds - Implications

- Begin attaining jobs

- Begin forming bonds with teachers

- Benefit from award ceremonies

- More apt to follow their peers opinions

- Willing to take on more responsibility

Thirteen Year Olds - Typical and Observed

- Begin to quiet down

- Concerned about appearance

- Insecure about physical changes

- Mean and sarcastic due to insecurity

- Realize that their bodies are changing and become more self aware

- Tend to not do as well in cooperative groups

- Willing to challenge/question their teachers

Thirteen Year Olds - Implications

- Students judge one another

- Students pay attention to the way that they dress and represent themselves

- Teachers become frustrated with students

- Teachers may have trouble focusing on instruction while dealing with students

Fourteen Year Olds - Typical and Observed

- Adult personalities continue to develop

- Apt to giving into peer pressure

- Develop distinct senses of humor

- Feel like they have a high amount of knowledge

- Highly involved in activities and clubs

- Spread themselves thin by joining multiple activities

Fourteen Year Olds - Implications

- Become tired from being involved in so many activities

- Cause problems in the classroom by acting smarter than the teacher

- Expect to be treated like adults

- Get into trouble more often from listening to friends

- Interruptions in the classroom from students speaking out

- Stressed due to busy lifestyle