By:Angel Shackelford

All about Bigfoot.

Information about this mysterious creature.


Hair Color--Can be Brown, Gray, Black, and or Red.

Eye Color--Could be Brown or Red.

First State Seen in--It was in Maine, US.

Height&Weight--6ft 6in-10 ft high and 400-1000 pounds

Sex--Male or Female.


First Saw--First sighting was in the 1800's in Maine, US.

Last saw in the state of Flordia.

This creature has left behind many evidence to believe he is real. Examples of that evidence is scat, fur, and footprints.

History & Habitat

Bigfoot's mostly live in forests. They live in many different states. The first sighting of Bigfoot was in the 1800's in Maine, US. The last reported sighting was in the state of Flordia I say again. It has had a lot of previous sightings.

My opinion

My opinion is that he could be real or not. I will stay nuetrul at this point until further evidence come in. It leads me to believe that he could not be real as in someone could just be wearing a big large hairy suit. It also leads me to believe that he is real as in there are undescribeable creatures out there not seen yet. Which in that case could be leading to this creature alledgedly called "Bigfoot".