Slavery In Haiti

By Hannah VanOtterloo and Farah Alkurdy

More about Haiti.

Slavery has become a very big issue in Haiti during the past few years, and if someone doesn't put a stop to it soon it'll keep getting bigger. Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Tons of children are forced to be slaves and work for no pay in Haiti. One in five children there die before the age of 5 due to poor health, abuse, or starvation. (Poverty Resolutions, 2013)

Truth About Slavery

Although slavery is illegal everywhere people still do it. Slaves are abused, threatened, and work without pay. Eighty percent of the slaves are girls, and most are sexually abused. Slavery in Haiti has existed for a while, but lately it has been getting much worse. Once someone becomes a slave it is very hard for them to escape. (Free The Slaves, 2013)

The Numbers

Child slavery escalated after the earthquake in Haiti. Most of the kids who are slaves were once orphans first. The reason this is true is because it's easier for people to trick orphans into becoming there slaves then it is to trick a child of an unwilling parent. There are over 27 million slaves today. (Free The Slaves, 2013)

How Slaves Become Slaves.

Most children who become slaves are tricked or lured into it by trafflickers. Some young children's parents put them up to become slaves so that the children can bring more money in for there family. Usually the parents of child slaves don't work, or can't bring in much money for there family and force there kids to become slaves in order to do this. (Free The Slaves, 2013)

How They're Treated

Some slaves owners don't treat them horrible, but others will abuse, starve, and hurt there slaves. Slaves usually aren't allowed to go to school, or leave the house at all. Most slaves can't even communicate with anyone outside their homes because they could get their owners in trouble. (Free The Slaves, 2013)

The Different Forms Of Slaves

Children as young as the age of three are forced to be slaves in Haiti. There is many different forms of slavery such as, affecting farm workers, domestic help, factory labor, restraunt and hotel work, and most of all for prostitution and sex services. (Slavery And The Haitian Revolution, 2013)

How To Help

As much organizations and fundraisers there are there has never been enough to put a complete stop to slavery. You can help out by donating money to organization, taking part in fundraisers, and just getting to know more on the topic.

How It Became Worse

About six months after the earthquake in Haiti slavery got much worse. People then needed more help rebuilding things, helping around the house, and just with basically everything, so they lured children into becoming their slaves. After the earthquake it became a lot easier for people to trick kids into being slaves because many were orphans or homeless. (Slavery And The Haitian Revolution, 2013)


Many organizations are trying to stop slavery in Haiti. Some examples are Free The Slaves, Not For Sale Campaign, and Free2Work, these organizationsraise money and do many other things to help stop slavery. (Moments Count, 2013)

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