Fraud on Capulets

Capulet's are to blame

The Capulet's are to blame for Romeo and Juliet's death. The Capulet's are forceful with Juliet which makes her so stressed out that both Romeo and Juliet kill themselves. Because Juliet was crying, Capulet was going to force her to marry Paris and he said "get thee to church o' Thursday, or never after look me in the face" (3.5.161-162) Since Juliet doesn't want to marry Paris, she ends faking her death in order to be with Romeo.When Juliet didn't agree to with Capulet then Capulet got furious.In his anger he screams at Juliet and then says, "Wife, we scarce thought us blessed That God had lent us but this only child; But now I see this one is one too much...." (3.5.64-167) Because Capulet told Juliet to marry Paris or there not family, causes a scene of events to happen that Romeo and Juliet to died. Therefore the death of Romeo and Juliet is Capulet's fault.
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Robin Hood Men In Tights

The movie Men in Tights is similar to Romeo and Juliet because they both have people from different sides who love each, but are not supposed to be with each other. In the movie, Robin Hood steals stuff from the rich and gives it to his side. He goes to this castle which the princess is in but he doesn't notice. When he went inside he started stealing stuff. When he sees the Princess, he stops stealing from them so he can be with her. The princess also likes Robin Hood and wants to be with him. But they are not supposed to be together because they are on different sides. This is similar to Romeo and Juliet's story. Romeo and Juliet is the same because Romeo is on the Montague side and Juliet is on the Capulet side. One time Romeo went to the Capulet party and saw Juliet. Then Romeo started talking to Juliet and didn't know that she was on the Capulet side. Juliet feels the same as Romeo does and she didn't know that he is on the Montague side. When they saw each later on they both thought that they should be married: "by holy marriage: when and where and how we met, woo'd and made exchange of vow". They aren't supposed to be with each other but they sneak it out so they can be with each other married.