Friday "ROAR"

Killian STEAM Leader's Magnet- Friday, August 26, 2016

What Really Matters?

A note from the principal...

Teachers, thank you again for another great week of teaching and learning. Please remember that we are only finishing up the 10th day of school. With that in mind, routines and procedures still need to be practiced and reinforced. Please continue to make positive phone calls to parents and work on building positive relationships. Consider this article as you reflect on our first full week of school.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Question of the Week: When you're 90 years old, what will matter most to you in the world?


Please be mindful of the outside temperatures and heat indexes for the next several weeks. Please allow students to stay hydrated and drink enough water when they return in the building. Please also make sure you are actively supervising students while at recess. Safety is our top priority!

SLO 2016-2017

Click on the link below to access the SLO forms for this year.

Please review the dates below for important information pertaining to the SLO process.

9-1-16: Mrs. Murray and Ms. Gore will meet with teams to go over the specifics.

9-20-16: Admin will be meeting with you again during your PLC to review your SLO.

10-17-16: All completed forms will be due to your administrator.
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Techie of the Week : Mrs. D'Leannette Rudolph

This Week's Techie of the week is D'Leannette Rudolph! Mrs. Rudolph has used Twitter as a way to Collaborate, and Communicate. She has found a plethra of resources while using her twitter account and we have had a chance to see her put them to use by some of the activities that she has tweeted out that her students Created. You can follow her @MrsRRoadrunners


Mrs. Murray would like to thank everyone for their teamwork this past week as we got all of our textbooks signed out to our students. A special thank you to Mr. Thorne and Mrs. George for their help!


  1. If a student transfers out of Killian, please make sure all of their hardback books are returned to Mrs. Murray. This REALLY MATTERS!! :) Keep their softcover workbooks for you to use for any new students you acquire.

  1. If you need any other books, please use the link:

Science Fair Dates

Fifth Grade- To be determined

K-2 Class Projects showcased and judged the week of Feb. 13, 2017

Grades 3 and 4 Individual Projects due on 2-21-17

More details to come soon.

Grade Level Assistant Principal Clarification


Mrs. Murray and Ms. Gore have shuffled their grade level and team leadership. Mrs. Murray will work with grades K, 2, and 4 as well as Special Education teachers. Ms. Gore will work with grades 1, 3, and 5 as well as Related Arts teachers. Of course, you all know that we are "one in the same" so we are here to help, wherever we're needed!

Interested in Ordering a Killian Logo polo shirt?

If you are interested in ordering a Killian logo polo shirt, please click here. Adult sizes are available.

Emergency Preparedness

The fire drill will take place at some time on Wednesday, August 31st. Since this is our first fire drill, it is announced. Subsequent fire drills will be unannounced. Please be sure you have reviewed evacuation procedures with your students.

Friday Funny!

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A Closer Look

Week of Aug. 29- Sept. 2

PE Rotation Week

Monday, Aug. 29

Faculty/Staff Social- Applebee's Killian Rd.

Tuesday, Aug. 30

RTI Benchmark Testing- 1st, 3rd-5th

Special "Called" Faculty Meeting- 3:30-4:00

Wednesday, Aug. 31

Techie "Thursday"- Grade Level Planning

RTI Benchmark Testing- 1st, 3rd-5th

Thursday, Sept. 1

RTI Benchmark Testing- 1st, 3rd-5th

Admin Pop-In SLO- Grade Level Planning (No more than 10 min.)

Friday, Sept. 2

RTI Benchmark Testing- 1st, 3rd-5th

B.E.S.T. Planning Meeting 9:00-10:00 am

Looking Ahead...

Week of Sept. 5- Sept. 9

Media Rotation Week

Monday, Sept. 5

Labor Day- No School

Tuesday, Sept. 6

RTI Begins

21st Century Begins

Wednesday, Sept. 7

2nd Grade MAP Testing- Reading

Thursday, Sept. 8

2nd Grade MAP Testing- Math

Friday, Sept. 9

Emergency Sub Plans Due

5th Grade Field Study- Clemson Extension

Friday Funny!

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