All about me!

michaela johns

My name is Michaela Johns, ( pronounced mikayla) there's no story behind my name that i know of. I am 14 years old, i was born in november, and I live in Newport, Pennsylvania. This summer the only really exciting thing i did was go to creation, i went with my church and two best friends. My hobbies and interests include Netflix, reading, writing, running, and watching youtube videos (aka danisnotonfire :) ) . I love to read its my favorite out off all of the above, i could never pick my favorite book because i have so many. A few books i've read recently though are the harry potter series, born wild and the selection series. i think i've been at PALCS for like 4-5 years, i dont even remember, I like how with PALCS you get to work on your own time. My tech skills would probably be a 5 i'm not that great but definitely better then my grandparents!
I also have two brothers and a sister but i have no pictures of them on my i pod where i got those photos from.