No-Sho is the way to go!

Mission Statement

Our product will always be made with care. We guarantee our product will always be made the same materials and love from our passionate employees. We do not only want to help our customers, but connect with them and make their lives easier.

Market Research

  • Target audience- Athletes, plumbers and everyday people that want their shirt to stay down.
  • Competitors- We did research and we have no competitors. We are the first people to invent this product.
  • Materials needed- Xyron, adhesive, and pre-wrap.
  • Pre-wrap is used by doctors, it does not irritate skin.


  • We created our own website, here is the link
  • We made a tutorial video on how to use our product and how it works
  • We thing it would be best to use an infomercial to sell our product because then it will be easier to use our product.

How it Works

  • The name of our company is No-Sho because you can't see your stomach
  • Our product keeps your shirt from coming up and revealing skin
  • We are going to use a wrap and adhesive and put it in a roll so our customer can use it and throw it away and get more for the next day
  • Begin by measuring your desired length and cutting it off
  • The next step is peeling off the clear, protective layer
  • Press the pink, sticky side to the inside of your shirt
  • Use your finger to hold down the pink part to your shirt
  • Begin peeling the white paper back until it is completely off

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