Claire McCaskill

Missouri Senator

McCaskill's Political Career

McCaskill is a democratic senator of Missouri. She has been the State Auditor of Missouri, Jackson County Prosecutor, and a member of the Missouri House of Representatives. She ran for governor but lost to Republican candidate Matt Blunt. She is considered the most moderate senator. She was voted 50th on the scale to most liberal to most conservative.

McCaskill's Early Life

She was born in Rolla, Missouri in 1953. She attended David H. Hickman High School and went to University of Missouri for college. There, she earned a B.A. in political science and later her J.D. from University of Missouri School of Law. Except for the three years spent at a private practice attorney firm, McCaskill has worked in the public sector since graduating.

Political Stand

She is for:

  • Creating new jobs
  • Protecting consumers rights
  • Reversing the national debt by cutting wasteful spending
  • Supports emerging energy sources

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What is the Keystone Pipeline?

The Keystone Pipeline is going to be a North American pipeline operation that will bring infrastructure to America's oil industry, provide jobs, long-term energy independence, and provide a boost to our economy. The Keystone XL Pipeline would add 1,700 miles of new pipeline through the states of Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. The debate within America is whether to approve this plan or not. Though it will create jobs and strengthen our oil economy, it is not good for our environment with the risk of oil spills that could ruin our lands.

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Claire McCaskill and the Keystone Pipeline

Claire McCaskill voted to speed up the approval to start the construction on the Keystone Pipeline. She believes the project will create good jobs for Americans. This would also strengthen American's energy security. She wants to pass amendments that would make sure that America would have rights for domestic use of the oil transported and would speed up the process to approving the project.