Dichotomous Key

Andrew Pineda

Dichotomous Key

1a. If he is a president or candidates go to 2

1b. If he is a famous for a reason go to 3

2a. If he is dead go to 4

2b. If he is alive go to 5

3a. If he is dead go to 8

3b. If he is alive go to 9

4a. He is the father of America, Georgia washingtrumps

4b. He murdered a lot of Natives, Andros jackcus

5a. If he is a president, go to 6

5b. If he/she is a candidate go to 7

6a. He is the first black president, Brick obamama

6b. He did nothing in 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, he is George bushes

7a. If he is a guy, he is Donlad krumpus

7b. If she is a girl, she is Hillary feminist

8a. If he is our lord and savior, he is MegaJesus metalchrist

8b. If he is the lord of nazi, he is Adolf hîtlermon

9a. If he she is famous because of her family, she is Kim cardashious

9b. If he makes mediocre movies, he is Adam sandlerous

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