The Depressing Disaster

By Katherine

The Earthquake Ruined Everthing

It was march the 3rd 2018 in Sydney, Australia. It was my Birthday and i was so excited. Until an earthquake happened. It lasted for 5 minutes

Before The Earthquake

Before The Earthquake

I was at school learning about about the Loma Prieta earthquake. I'm in year 5 and my teacher is Ms Doyle. I go to Croydon Public School and I am sitting next to my best friend Claire. Then all of a sudden everything started shaking.
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During The Earthquake

We were clue less when everything started shaking. I felt like i was in a bottle and someone was shaking the bottle around and around. It all seemed real when we heard screaming and a huge noise. Ms Doyle started saying everyone get under desks. I felt the floor rip under the demount able. I turned to my friend and could tell she was terrified. I looked across the room and saw someone dead that is when the shaking stopped.

After The Earthquake

When the shaking stopped we waited a few more minutes and walked outside. All the school buildings collapsed and I could see most of the school students dead. I started wondering around scared about my family. Then I heard a noise, something started to collapse. It landed on Claire. She started screaming. i tried to help her but it wouldn't budge. My friend died in front of my eyes.
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I ran home hoping my Mum, Dad and baby brother were okay. When I got home I saw my Mum holding my baby brother. I was so happy they were alive. Then I saw something I wished never happened. My Dad was squashed and dead. I didn't know what to do other than cry.


"It was horrifying" says Ms Doyle. "Trying hard to protect the students as well as myself I didn't know what to do". "We all hid under desks, hearing screams and buildings fall to the ground"."After a few minutes we all got out from under our desks and in horror half the class was dead."I helped the class get up, at least what was left of it...


The whole cities gone. The Harbour Bridge, The Opera House, My school and my Dad. This is going down in history as the worst day of my life. I can't believe this actually happens to people. Worst Birthday in my life. The city will never be the same....