Top 10

Movies of the 2013

10-Monster University

Sequel to Monster Inc. where Sully and Mike get kicked out of scare university


Two fathers daughter get taken and work together to find them

8-Despicable Me 2

Sequel to Despicable Me and Gru has to capture the bad guy


Matt Damon get sick and breaks into the rich perfect world to get healed

6-Captain Philips

A US cargo ship gets taken over by African Pirates

5-Bad Grandpa

A grandpa take his grandson to his father but grows a friendship with the grandson


A car racing movie where a race between two enemy takes place

3-World War Z

A zombie epidemic and Brad Pitt work to end it and to save his family.


Ana, a princess goes to "rescue" her rescently queen sister who has a cure and froze the city.

1-Catching Fire

Sequel to hunger games where Kantiss and Peeta go back into the games.