Chia Seed Lab

By Nana and Jay


We did this expieriment to test and discover what environments chia seeds grew in. We learned that chia seeds absorbed 27 times their weight in water so we wanted to see what would happen if we placed the Chia seeds in different environments from where they usually grew.


Our hypothesis was if Chia seeds are put in different temperamental environments, than they will grow differently in height. Also the Chia seed in the normal environment will grow faster than the other ones.


Independent Variables- The Environments

Dependent Variables- The growth of the Chia Seeds

Controlled Variable- The Chia Seed with Normal Environment.

Extraneous Variables- The sky is cloudy, The freezer breaks, or the incubator breaks


First we took 6 Chia seeds and planted two in each environment. There were two seeds in the incubator, two in the freezer, and two by the window. We watered them 8 ML every other day.


Our results were that the Chia seeds in the incubator grew faster and longer than the ones in the freezer and by the window. Our chia seed in the incubator grew longer and then died so we started the expieriment over and got the same result even though we only had 4 days instead of 8.


Our conclusion is that chia seeds grow better in hot environments.