Half Court Shot Game In Gym at bv

lets get it started


Half court shots in gym will make people have a good time in gym.Everybody likes to have fun right? I know because a whole bunch of people in my class ask to play it.

Exercise helps with focus

Sometimes I think exercise helps with a little focus because what if after specials they have iread or istep.

After 40 minutes of exercising kids might be focused.I know everybody likes to have great score.

way to get out extra energy

Kids need to get out extra energy so they can be normal. They should because in class they have to sit all day. And plus their teacher is going to be exhausted.

Currently not enough time to finish a whole game

Sometimes when we play it we don’t have much time.We need a lot of time because every kid loves to do fun stuff for a long time . But our gym teacher has to talk for a long time.I know because he says and my classmates says it. They talk over him.