Ms. Baran's Summer 2014

A Summer Filled with Bike Tours and Boston Terriers!!

Yes, some teachers work during summer vacation!

This summer, I became the newest member of the Urban Adventours tour guide fleet. All summer long, I took tourists out on bike tours of Boston and Cambridge. I loved it!! Not only did I get to meet lovely people from all over the world, but I learned SO MUCH more about Boston's history!

Bode and Abe!!!

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Two Little Guys in the Big City!

I also got to spend a lot of time with my two dogs, Bode and Abe, this summer. Bode is a five year old who loves to romp around the house and will pretty much do anything for a treat! Abe is about three years old and is the newest member of the family who was adopted in April from an organization called Almost Home of Maine. He's an incredibly lovable little guy who loves to snuggle and will also do just about anything for a treat!