Edmodo and Moodle

An overview


We have our own domain for Edmodo. Students may access it from the SISD homepage Quicklinks. They will need to set up an account, if they are new to Edmodo. They will click on I'm a Student. They will need to use their school username and password. Their teacher will give them their class code. If a teacher needs to set up a new account. They will click on the I'm a Teacher link and fill in the school code.
Our school code is 22riyd.

Adding files to the Backpack

Students may add files to their backpack by clicking on Add to Backpack.
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Seminole has their own domain in Moodle. You will need to sign in from the Quicklink on the SISD home page.
If you have never created an account, you will need to create an account.
Once you have created an account, you will see your classes on your home page, if the teacher has added you. You may need to get the enrollment code from the teacher. It is usually the teachers name, followed by the class period.
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