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New Newsletter

Hi, team mates! I think we have grown enough to begin using a monthly newsletter; to inspire, to share, to recognize achievements and more!

I would love to invite you let me know when you have hit a milestone, when something FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC happens in your life or in your business, something you have learned that will help others in their O2 journey. Partner with me in building our buisnesses together and creating leaders!

Some Inspiration!

Some BIG Things are Happening with Origami Owl

As you know, we are about to hit the date of the biggest product lauch I have seen since I have been with Origami Owl (and I am an "old-timer!") I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am, and I know many of you are, that we are launching new product. What a tremendous opportunity this is to reach out to past hostesses, guests and friends to show what's new. I'll bet we are going to see a lot of our customers AND Owls sporting those new adorable earrings! This is an ideal time to grow YOUR business..take advantage of this. We won't be seeing a new catalog until Fall and Winter. Don't wait until another Designer starts shouting it from the roof tops...remember WHY you started your business in the first place. What were your goals for yourself and your family? We will be talking more about that one-on-one as the weeks go by.

But wait....there is more (and no...it's not Ginsu knives ;-) )

I just returned from a Leadship gathering in San Diego with our upline Directors, Leslie Rhoads and Heidi Russell. I had the opportuity to voice my opinion on training within the company, and voice my opinion I did (very respectfully.) This has been a "missing link" in our company; our Executive staff has been so busy trying to improve our warehouse systems to get massive amounts of product out the door, preparing SOAR events, doing ongoing and much needed "tweaking" of the back office, that training for leaders and new Designers has been on the back burner. I am excited to tell you that we have a new Manager of Sales Strategy; Deb Drozd. I was fortunate enough to visit with her while I was in San Diego and I have to say I am impressed. She recognizes the importance of training, she is very experienced in the Direct Sales business (she isn't a young chick), and generally an all-around great lady. She and I exchanged busness cards, and I feel I can go to her with future concerns. Heidi Russell, our Executive Director and Origami Owl are working on a brand new training program. One the goals is raising up leaders, and that is exactly what I hope to see happen in Owl Dazzle You. We have the talent...we just need the tools. They are going to try to help us work our Jewelry Bars to our, and our customers, best advantage.

To that end, Beth Blemaster created a suggested music list....not to drown out our customers or ourselves, but to create an "atmosphere" for our parties. I am including that list below. I am also a big believer in playing upbeat music before a Jewelry Bar just to pump myself up! I will be sharing some of my favorites with you in the future!

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How To Contact Me

Please feel free to get in touch with me as needed! I'm hear to help you grow your business.

Whoooo Had a Great Month?

January and February are traditionally more difficult months in the Direct Sales business...that being said, I would like to recognize four of our team mates who rocked it during February:

Annette Thompson - $1,375.00

Lori Riddens - $798.90

Denise Campoy - $501.90

Leanne Scott - $499.60

Congrats to all, and keep reaching for your goals!

Who are We?

We haven't had an "introduce yourself" section on our team page for a LONG time. I would like to startone and have you all just tell a little about yourself, and share your favorite experience with Origami Owl. We ARE a team; we lift one another up, and help each other. Let's share!