Earth: Where we live!!

Why so cool Earth?

I am so cool because the air I get from the Moon and Sun determine whether I am going to be hot or cold.That is how we get hot or cold, and if we like to be hot or cold anytime.

Why are you so blue?

I am so blue because I have a lot of water on me , I am 97% water!! That is how I keep the people of earth Hydrated when they get thirsty.We probley like to drank water and that is why the earth is cover in water because over a milloin years ago people still like to dring water and that is why the earth is covered in water.

Why are you dizzy?

I am so dizzy because I spin on my axsis all day and night. I never stop spinning even when I am dizzy! This is how I give y'all seasons like Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.I like the sesons because they are hot,cold, and some cold some hot and that is what I like.