LGTH Monthly Staff Newsletter

February 2016


Thanks much for everyone's flexibility over the past couple of weeks! We appreciate the willingness to help out in other classrooms and work longer shifts with a bug floating around. We are happy to hear you all are back on track now to feeling better. Please remember to deep clean your classrooms and wash your hands often during these times.

Your Directors,

Melissa and Sarah

News and Reminders

  • February 15th In Staff Professional Development Day: On Monday February 15th LGTH will be closed and we will have our first In Staff Training Day. Please arrive at 9:00am and we will begin with a staff meeting. Following the meeting the three ladies that attended the Opening Minds Conference will be presenting what they learned to the rest of the group. This is also a wonderful opportunity to discuss any topics on which you wish to get co-worker advice!

  • New Classroom: We are excited to be opening up another classroom this month! Hazel, an infant classroom, will be the same size as our Azalea room and have 8 babies. Ms. Melanie, will be the lead teacher, Linda will be the teacher aide working 12:30-6 and Ishita will be the teacher aide helping out in the mornings from 7:30-9. We are still in the process of recruiting an Assistant for the classroom.

  • Valentine's Day Party: On February 12th at 3:30pm, we will be having our first annual Valentine’s Day Party. This party will take place in your classroom and all families are welcome to attend. Children that do not attend LGTH on Fridays are more than welcome to come but the parents must stay with their child. Parents are not obligated to bring anything in for the party but please post a sign-up sheet in your classroom just in case they would like to bring in a snack. If no one signs up let us know so we can purchase snacks if needed. Please come up with a creative activity to do with the children and families during this time. Lead Teachers, please send out a reminder about the party in your next weekly newsletter. We also will be sending out additional information in our parent newsletter. Any snacks that parents bring in have to be nut free and labeled with all ingredients, and homemade snacks are not allowed.

  • Signing In and Out: It is extremely important that everyone writes down their work hours on the sign in sheet in the break room. We use those sheets to calculate your hours for the pay period and if nothing is written down you may not get paid correctly. **We will have the electronic signing in/out system up and running hopefully this week! We'll keep you updated.

  • Toys: Please bring all dirty toys to the kitchen by 5:30pm for us to wash. If you are not able to step out of the classroom before then, have them ready for us and we will pick them up.

Shout Outs!

Please welcome new LGTH staff members:

Melanie who most of you have met already, will be the Lead Teacher of the Hazel classroom! We are so excited to have you on board!

Lili will be the new Assistant Teacher of the Birch classroom. Welcome Lili, happy to have you here!

Shout outs:

"To Linda for helping out in the Azalea room while Raven was away. She jumped right in and did a fantastic job!"

"Chestine was so helpful, thoughtful, and calm when she was helping out in Birch. Thanks for your flexibility with working in a different classroom."

"Shout out to the Wisteria room for always doing such creative and fun art projects with your students!"

Don't forget to recognize your co-workers! Shout out box is located in the staff lounge.


Advanced Toddlers - I Love You To Pieces Valentine

Cut long strips of pink, red, and purple construction paper. Let the kiddos cut the paper into smaller pieces to fill the center of a pre-drawn heart. Such a sweet Valentine!

Infant/Toddler Valentine

Cut out a heart frame and stick to the sticky side of contact paper. Then, let your students add tissue paper, glitter, and construction paper to the sticky contact paper. Once complete, back the project in one more piece of contact paper - then you have a sweet valentine sun catcher!

LGTH CLOSED- In Staff Professional Development Day

Monday, Feb. 15th, 9am

1929 North Halsted Street

Chicago, IL

Final Friday

Friday, Feb. 26th, 7-9am

1929 North Halsted Street

Chicago, IL

Feel free to wear jeans and enjoy a surprise on us!