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Subject: Reading

· Grade: 3

· Class Duration: Year Long with Reading Hour – Tuesdays 11:00 am - 12:00 Noon

Class Overview and Academic Standards

Mode of Delivery: Blended

The class will have both face to face and remote participants

The class will address Common Core Performance Standards and align with Literary, Foundational and Informational Reading Skills (pages 1-3). These are aligned to the concepts and the objectives covered in each unit.

The overarching aim of the class is to incorporate these competencies by the end of the year. This will have the students mastering the mechanics of reading by applying the skills at the instructional and independent levels.

Students will develop critical thinking and self efficacy through the differentiated lessons from each unit of work.

The language progressive skills chart (page 5) will inform the objectives and learning benchmarks with specific emphasis on reading and language arts.

Materials and Procedures

Video production was completed using PowerPoint, Camtasia studio and Zaption with a link to Google Forms for one interactive element. SMORE was also used for sharing information. The ideas shared in this ThingLink uploaded in AIS by Chris were very useful.

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Class Assessment - How to earn Badges

Class Assessment

The class will use badges to show achievement. There will be points at different levels and you can earn a badge by adding up your points from different levels. Badges will be given at the end of each unit of work (weekly). There will be a badge for mastery at each level and a combination badge for mastery of two or more levels within a unit of work.

The Achievement Levels are Below

Level 1 – Discovery: Students earn from 1 – 5 points for completing spelling lists and identifying new words from the assigned/ selected reading list in each week/ unit of work. Points are always awarded and there are multiple attempts until mastery is achieved.

Level 2 - Onboarding: Students earn from 1 – 5 points for sustained and continuous reading at the instructional and independent levels

Level 3 - Scaffolding: Students earn from 1 – 5 points for reaching out to help other students who are at the frustration level with an assigned text.

Students at the frustration level with a selected text earn points for reaching out to the teacher or group members for assistance with their reading competency.

Level 4 - Endgame: Students earn end of week/ unit badges for level mastery and for combining skills.

Parents can earn an assist badge by accessing the parents' page and explaining for the children. This badge will be sent in email. Remember to include "I accept my assist badge" in your exit form (AKA the Peer Review Feedback) to have the badge sent to you.

Deciding on how points are awarded for badges: Students will discuss the parameters of the badge by saying how they want to points to be awarded. (what activity values 1 point and so on to the maximum for the creation of our rubric.