Immigration 101

How do I?

Lisa D Uselton


July 7, 2014

Emily Christiansen

How do I learn English?

The citizens of the United States of America are continuous learners and promote education in within their society. One of the primary skills to being American, is learning to read, write and speak English. There are many opportunities for immigrants to learn the primary language and shouldn't feel hesitant or nervous to do so. The United States citizens are supportive of those whom are willing to learn English and embrace their new citizenship with the country.

There are many resources for individuals to utilize in order to gain the necessary skills to learn a new language, especially English. One of the most popular sites for individuals to find a resource center near them is:

This site will help direct you towards a learning center in your area. Not only can you find a class or program on how to learn English, you can also learn other dynamics of the American culture that will allow you to further your learning experience here in America.

How do I obtain a Green Card?

There are few steps that you will need to take in order to request and receive a Green Card in the United States.
  1. Why do I want to live in the United States? What is the reason for my migration?
  2. File the immigration petition and select the item that best suits your request.
  3. Check your Visa status
  4. File the Form I-485
  5. Attend your application appointment
  6. Interview
  7. Receive your approval / denial response in the mail at the residence in which you live

The Green Card process is not that difficult, as long as follow the steps listed above.

How do I get Legal Help?

Many immigrants who come to the United States are not aware that the United States offers legal help and guidance while you are in your transition to become a legal citizen. You may find the legal assistance that is provided to you may be low at cost, or even free.available.

The United States Department of Justice offers help for those in need.

Resources for Immigration

The website listed above may have additional resources and answers for your questions and concerns while thinking, discussing or acting upon immigration into the United States of America.

You are not alone

Where am I going to live? How do I find a job? Am I allowed to drive?

The questions above are what all individuals ask when they are thinking about migrating to a new country, or even a city within their own designated country. There are many options when it comes to transitioning to a new place to live that America offers for all individuals. Public Housing, renting a home or an apartment, and even purchasing a home.

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development offers an extreme amount of information on the public housing sectors and how to qualify for potential programs.

Where to Work?

There are resources and tools available to immigrants to help prepare you on your job search. You can build a resume, visit career centers, build interview skills, and many more. You can visit the website below to request information on jobs in your local area and you may also visit to assist you in your job search

What if I get sick? Can I see a Doctor?

The answer is YES. HRSA allows you to find a health care center near you. During your application process on becoming a citizen or applying for a green card, you can determine which medical plan best suits you.

Simple Questions with Simple Answers

Now that you have been provided with most frequent questions from most individuals whom are not familiar with the immigration process, this flyer should assist you with resources that are available to you so that you can now become part of the American Dream.