Marine Biology

By: Louie Allard

Marine science best science there is!

Pay check- $57,710 per year.

Education- Bachelors degree

Amount of jobs rising- 5% (slower)

Job Description

Marine Biology is something where you don't just do the same thing, because you study and research so many different things. You do lots of research, but you also get visit animals in the ocean all around the world. Marine Biologist look at characteristics of animals, their environment, behaviors, and much more.

Great Marine Wildlife

Get to travel around the World

Why I'm interested and you should too!

One of the main reasons I like Marine Biology is because of going into the water and looking at animals. I like being in the water and think it would be cool to experiment and interact with the animals. Also being able to travel around the world to different bodies of water. I think Marine Biology is really cool.