Mrs. Lister and Mrs. Anger

1st grad 2015-2016

Look What we are studying

Math-2D and 3D shapes, attributes, sides, angles, corners, faces, edges, Polygon, open, closed, Tickle your brain, mental math, and shapes and logic. We are continuing to practice our math strategies for addition and subtraction.

Reading-We are finishing up on our nonfiction unit. We are stopping to jot down questions, answers, connections, reactions to reading, and new ideas. We are creating a circle map to store our sticky notes on. We are continuing to use our awesome reading strategies for unknown words. We are using the pictures to help.

EEKK-We are reading about the moon and learning facts about it. We are going to change partners after the Holiday Break.k

Word Works-We are learning how to sort words with an added heading at the top-ODDBALL. Oddball words do not fit the pattern for the headings. We are starting to introduce CVC and CVCe. Consonant, vowel, consonant and Consonant, vowel, consonant, silent e.

Writer's workshop-We are finishing up our published How to books. The children are doing such an amazing job. We are editing and revising. We are using our high lighter to find at least 2 words that need to be spelled correctly. We are also changing our words to more precise words.

S.S. and Science-Moon, craters, rotating and space.


12-15-15-10:30-12:00-Christmas/holiday party

12-11-15-Field Trip money due-$5.50

12-11-15-Black shirt due

12-17-15-Caroling Field trip and Polar Express

Items Needed

We are in need of water bottles and items for the Treasure Chest.

Thanks for everyone volunteering to send in items for the Holiday Party.

Don't forget to send in a wrapped book ASAP for us to exchange on the day of our party.




12-15-15-Hunter/Art 2



12-18-15-McCombs/Art 1

Holiday Break 12-21-15 to 1-4-15