The House of Scorpion

By: Nancy Farmer

Brief Summary

The House of Scorpion Written by Nancy Farmer is a book that keeps you wondering. Matt a young "Boy" who is actually a clone lives with his Guardian Celia in the countryside of a country called Opium. He lives a some what normal life well Celia is away working at "the big house" until visitors break into his house and take Matt to the capitol. there he is put into a cell because he is a clone. He is ultimately set free and is taken straight to El Patron the Leader of Opium. El Patron is instantly in love with Matt Because Matt is El Patron's clone. Matt is treated like royalty but is hated by everyone because he is a clone. there are a small number of people that do not hate Matt for the most part, that being Tam Lin his bodyguard, Maria his love interest, and of course El Patron for the most part. Everything goes good for a while and then Matt finds out a grim truth, he was only cloned to save El Patron when his organs failed. Matt Flees from the estate and travels to what was once Mexico. After a while Matt finally returns to the Estate to find El Patron dead and the country needing a leader.
The House of the Scorpion Trailer
This trailer of the book relates very well to the actual book. I gives a brief over view of the story and a great visual depiction. The acting is also a tad bit hysterical.

Author Bio

Nancy Farmer is an award winning author who has written many successful books such as The Eye, The Ear, and The Arm, A Girl Named Disaster, and of course The House of Scorpion. Nancy is the youngest of three kids in her family. She started writing at surprisingly the age of 40 and is now her passion. She attended Cal Berkeley and traveled the world going to Africa to study biology. After this, she settled down and started a family with Harold Farmer. Currently Nancy Farmer resides in California with her husband well her son is in the navy.


House of Scorpion takes place in the future where mexico is no more. In between the U.S and formerly known Mexico is Opium a small country where the majority of this book take place. Toward the end of the book they travel to what used to be Mexico but eventually go back to Opium.

Book Reviews

4.1 out of 5 from

-This is one of the almost perfect books written for young adults. It is an exciting story that will keep you turning the pages

The Boston Globe

-A story rich in twists and tangles, heroes and heroines, villages and dupes, and often dazzlingly beautiful descriptive prose

U.S.A Today

-Mind-expanding fiction.

I believe the song Super Star By Lupe Fiasco best relate to House of Scorpion but more specifically Matt. This song talks about being famous which Matt is after everyone finds out that he is the clone of El Patron. Also Matt is not accepted by basically everyone but his small group of family and friends, which is mentioned in the song as well.