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Friday September 10th 2021

Message From The Principal

Hello Eagles!

September 11, 2001 is a day I will never forget. Like listening to my grandparents talk about Pearl Harbor or my parents remembering the assassination of JFK, 9/11 is cemented into my neurons. I hope and pray no country ever has to endure a similar attack.

Please take a moment this weekend to reflect on all of the things that are good in our country. The others things we can put aside for a day.

Think different. Be different.

Tim Dignan

September 11th Patriots Day

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No School Friday September 17th 2021

Next Friday is a non-student day. The teachers and staff will be in training and meetings for the Staff Development Day.
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Attendance Matters!

  • Report Your Student's Absence To:


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  • Please make sure your student is bringing a mask to wear at school.

  • Report an exposure or test result here

  • Keep your student at home if you are waiting on test results.

  • Students who are ill will be evaluated in the Transition Room

  • Frequent handwashing and use of sanitizer is strongly encouraged throughout the day.

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Student Wellness Check

Struggling with mental health or social-emotional issues? Click the button above.

Schedule an appointment with our counselor Mr.Quintana

Click the box above to make an appointment

Technology Use and Liability Agreement

Click the button above for information on the required use agreement.

Masks/Virus Transmission Mitigation Strategies

Click the button above to see the district's strategies.


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Students Of The Week

Sakshi Patel

Great attitude! Participates daily in discussions and often will be the one who breaks the ice for the class. She is currently earning high A's in all classes.

Trevor Weber

Trevor is a polite and respectful student! He always puts 100% effort into all of his assignments in Biology! I never see him wasting one minute of class time...he is always engaged in the lesson and participates in class! I know that starting a new school is difficult, but Trevor has been meeting that challenge head on, since he stepped foot on the Rancho campus! He is a pleasure to have in class!
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Teacher and Staff Shout Outs!!!

Ms. Jereczek has always made sure me, along with other students are safe and able to make it to school. She puts in the maximum effort and pays attention to the big and little things. Her classroom is cozy and she welcomes anyone to hang out, she always includes everyone. She’s made such an impact in my life and I appreciate her!

Mrs. Webb is an amazing teacher, she puts so much effort in her lessons and explaining things. You can tell she wants her students to graduate and successfully understand everything we learn. I appreciate her being at Rancho and keeping such patience with her students, I wish I had her again this year!

I love Mrs. Cunningham!! She’s such a fun and energetic soul, and I love how she notices the little things. She’s super understanding and easy to talk to about absolutely anything. Her classroom is also adorable and it makes me happy how much effort she puts in it.

Mrs. Shanahan is supportive, understanding, and comforting.

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Ashton Haupt --- 9/11

Rene Cortez --- 9/12

Aiden Bravo --- 9/14

Valeria Wences-Consuelo --- 9/17

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Lisa Sindermann

Secretary To Principal Tim Dignan and

Assistant Principal Tim Mann