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Do you want to be Techy or Relevant?

This weekend I came across this blog post and completely fell in love with it!

I have had so many people tell me over the last several years that I am Techy teacher. I usually nod my head and say thank you, but when I reflect on that statement I say my kids(students) have called me to be that way. The first week we were back when Matt Gomez was speaking to us he said "the kids in your classroom are your boss." The kids that are sitting in your classroom right now are digital natives, they live in a very connected and techy world. If we want to reach them and teach them we have to change the way we are and become more relevant. We have to become more "techy!"

"Kids are techy. Kids are relevant. Kids speak the language. Kids see the possibilities.

They want us to be! They need us to be! They deserve us to be! It’s the world they live in and whether we like it or not, it’s the world WE live in too!

Instead of calling us “techy”, we really wish people would just call us RELEVANT! We didn’t know how to do all these things either when we got started. But we saw a need, a way to connect, a reason to learn, and we took action." A. Welcome (2015, Sept. 7) We're Really Not That Techy #KidsDeserveIt Retrieved from


Grants you instant access to an unlimited library of amazing children's books. The GREAT NEWS is it is completely FREE for Educators! You can add up to 30 student accounts under your username. They will recommend books based on interests and age for students. Follow the link to get a click sheet on how to get started as an educator. (Just a note: In the video below it says you have to pay, but for educators it is free. If parents would like at home use they can pay for it.)
Epic! eBooks for Kids

Evaluating Apps for the Classroom

This is a free iBook that you can download that is from Apple Education. The guide takes you through 5 main criteria for how to evaluate educational apps. It is a good resource for when you first begin looking at apps for your classroom.