New York's 5 Themes of Geography

by Scotty Kingsley


New York-42.3482° N, 75.1890° W

In New York state

in New England Region


Physical-On Manhattan Island

On New York Bay

Human-Big Business people

Stock exchange




Cultural -New York used to and still today is big on Music (jazz) theater (broadway) literature.

Economic-In New York there is lots of business like the stock exchange, Real estate,and technology.


In New York there is a lot of technology.There are also lots of businessmen creating new ideas for technology,and people obtaining the resources to create new technology.

Human Enviorment Interaction

Human effects on the earth-People building skyscrapers and other buildings has a big effect on the earth.

Effect of the earth on humans-When humans use the earth's non-renewable resources there is a big effect-pollution.