Andrew Jackson Devil to the Natives

Are you with Andrew Jackson

Nullification Crisis

John Calhoun Supported the idea of a strong central government. In 1828 he had congress passed the Abomination Tarrif Calhoun had responded by drafting the south carolina exposition Calhoun used the protest to advance states rights

Indian Removal Act

Congress passed the Indian Removal act in 1830 , Authorizing the removal of Native Americans who lived by the Mississippi River. The Choctaw was the first to move they signed a treaty which save 7.5 million acres to the satte
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Jackson Attack the Bank

Second bank of the united states was given a 20-year charter. This charter gave it the power to act. Jackson looked at the bank as unconstitutional he thought the states should have more control over the bank when they tried to renew there bank jackson had vetoed it.

Jackson the King

in this political cartoon they are saying the with his power he acts more like a king than president because he abuses his power

Negative Letter

He took took away are land and now we have to move to a unknown place that were not use to

Positive Letter

HE'S THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER!!! he normal just like us and we can count on him if walked into his house he would probably hire me because im am normal man just like him and i grew up poor like him.