Return to School Plan for Parents

January Special Edition

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Principal's Notes

Dear Mohawk Families,

I hope you are doing well. Thank you for all of your hard work and support during these uncertain times. All of the information contained in this special edition of our monthly newsletter is a review of the return to school guidelines I shared with you in the fall. This communication will explain procedures, protocols, and expectations for our return to school in a hybrid model. In order to keep your students safe, school procedures have changed drastically. It is extremely important to read everything carefully. This newsletter includes information such as:

  • The CVS Return-to-School Guidelines
  • Bus Information
  • Arrival & Dismissal Procedures
  • Process for Late Arrival, Early Dismissals, Material Drop-off/Pick-up
  • Mask Wearing
  • Food Service Information
  • Recess Procedures
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CVS Return to School Guidelines

These guidelines were recently updated.

CVVA Students will continue to learn remotely.

Plan to Return

On Monday, January 11th, the CVS Board of Education voted on elementary students returning to a hybrid model beginning Wed., January 20th for students on an "A" schedule and Thurs., January 21st for students on a "B" schedule.

As a reminder, Cohort A will attend school on Mondays and Wednesdays. Cohort B will attend school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will not be rotating Fridays as we did in the fall. Rather students will receive direct instruction from the teachers in a remote setting as to increase the number of days students will receive from their teachers.

Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) students, and the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) will also begin school on Wednesday, January 20th. They will attend school 4 days a week (Mon. – Thurs.). ECSE classes will have a remote learning day on Friday. GSRP students do not attend Fridays.

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Classroom Set-Up

Seating Expectations:

  • Students will use the same desk everyday
  • Desks will be facing the same direction when possible
  • Desks and chairs will be sprayed at the end of each school day
  • Social distancing will occur wherever it is possible

Classroom Materials:

  • Sharing materials is discourage
  • Any shared will be cleaned after each use


  • Student masks need to be labeled on the outside with student's name and grade
  • Each student will receive a lanyard (grade-level color specific)😊for their mask
  • Lanyards will NOT go home with students
  • Staff will provide masks for any student that doesn't have one
  • If families/students refuse to wear a mask, we will follow the Code of Conduct/Mohawk's Behavior Matrix/Process
How to wear a fabric mask safely
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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


Arrival and Dismissal


  • Parents and students will remain in cars until bus students have been released.
  • Parents cannot drop students off prior to 8:24.
  • Bus students will be released at 8:24.
  • Parents will wait to release their child until it is time.
  • Parents will walk their child to the sidewalk. Students are NOT allowed to walk through the parking lot alone!!
  • Parents cannot congregate during arrival or dismissal.
  • Parents cannot utilize the drop off lane until AFTER the busses have left
  • Teaching staff will be available during this time period to assist in arrival.
  • An area will be set up by the front door buzzer for signing in and signing out students or if something needs to be dropped off for a student.


  • Times will be staggered for grade levels' arrival and dismissal.
  • Students in grades 1st, 3rd, & 4th will line up on the paw prints outside of the front entrance.
  • 5th grade and Mr. Szwejk's class will line up in the back of the building near their classrooms.
  • Kindergarten students will line up on the paw prints outside the kindergarten back door
  • 1/2 Blend and 2nd will line up on the side of the building and use those classrooms' back doors.
  • A limited number of safeties will be placed on the outside of the building to ensure students get to their door at arrival and then to the bus at dismissal.
  • Staff will also be strategically placed around the building to ensure student safety.
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Bussing Procedures

Bus Information

Log into E-Link to get your child's bus information. Username=Student Number Password=Student's 8 digit birthday

2020 Bus Disinfecting at CVS Schools

Student Movement Around Building

  • Arrows/signage will be applied to floor around the building to help with social distancing and directional movement
  • See building map for details
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Signage Around the Building

Signs will be posted:

  • Restrooms
  • Entrance Doors (masks required)
  • Hallways

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CVS Self Screener for Parents and Students

This screener needs to be used at home before a student comes to school everyday.

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Food Service Plan

In-Person Students: Food service staff are prepared to serve students as quickly as possible. The USDA has approved all students to eat free through June 2021. There will only be one menu option available per day. To help maintain minimal contact, snacks will not be available. Students will be charged for doubles/lunch plus so please make sure you child has money on their lunch card. Cash is also acceptable but we cannot give change so please make sure it is exact. See below for "Send Money To School" directions.


  • Breakfast will be begin Wednesday, January 20th
  • Students wishing to have breakfast in the morning will not be allowed to come into the building until 8:20 am.
  • Please let your child's teacher know if your student will be having breakfast so they are aware.
  • Students having breakfast will be placed strategically at the tables to ensure social distancing or eat their breakfast in the classroom.

FREE Breakfast/Lunch for all Chippewa Valley Students. Pick-up Days are Monday & Wednesday, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM at the following locations:

Cheyenne Elementary - 47600 Heydenreich, Door # 6

Macomb Huron Elementary - 15800 Terra Bella, Clinton Township, Door # 37

Iroquois Middle School- 48301 Romeo Plank Road, Door #8

Macomb Clinton Valley Elementary- 1260 Mulberry, Mt. Clemens, Door # 10

Multiple Meals will be distributed at the above locations for all students under the age of 18. All meals are free. Students do not need to be present. Parent/Guardian must provide student’s name & grade when picking up meals. Distribution will not take place during holiday breaks.

Lunch Menu

January 2021

Lunchroom Safety Procedures

  • Flow of traffic into and out of cafe of students is staggered
  • Teachers will seat their students regardless of lunch choice
  • Students will be called up by lunch monitors to get into the hot lunch line
  • Students will have assigned seats. No more than 3 students will be seated in each section of the table.
  • Stickers have been placed on the seats indicating the student's spot.
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Recess Procedures

  • Students will need to wash/sanitize their hands before lunch & recess as well as after lunch & recess
  • The playground will be broken up into different areas. Classes will be assigned a section per day and the sections will rotate so students have a chance to play on all of the equipment

School Visitors

  • Materials will be dropped off in a bin or on a table outside by the buzzer
  • Families are to stay outside for tardy/late arrival and early pick-up
  • You can call the office from your car ahead of time so we can get your child ready

Clinic and Health Concerns

  • Students with a fever will be placed in the isolation room right next to the clinic so they can be monitored
  • Parents will be called and students sent home

Water Bottles & Drinking Fountains

  • Students can bring water bottles - all bottles must be labeled with student name
  • Water fountains in hallways and classrooms are turned off
  • Water bottle filling stations can still be used

Media Center

  • Students in grades K-2 will have books available to them in their classrooms
  • Books will be changed every two weeks
  • Students in grades 3-5 will be able to check out books but only a few students at a time will be allowed in the library

Birthday Treats/Snacks


  • Birthday treats, food or non-food items, will not be allowed in school this year

Daily Snacks:

  • Please check with your child's teacher about having daily snacks
  • Allergies will be considered and families informed, if necessary
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Valentine's Day

Students will be able to exchange cards for Valentine's Day but food items, including candy will NOT be allowed this year. Do NOT include candy with your child's cards.

Days for Celebration

Group A-Wednesday, February 10th

Group B-Thursday, February 11th

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SACC Begins January 25th

  • SACC is available to students on the days they attend school
  • Students in SACC will need to have their temperatures taken daily
  • Parents will need to social distance when coming to pick up their student
  • Click on the button below to register
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CVS District Calendar

Updated January 2021

Important Dates

Updated January 2021

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