The New Squad

Come check out the new additions of the team in the brand new stadium!

New player Michael Webster who has played for three years in the NBA and also won the NBA dunk contest two years ago! With a couple more free-agents, we are surely to become championship contenders this season.

New stadium includes: fifteen luxury suites, and a private club level. In the club level, you can watch the game up close through mini televisions on the back of each seat. Also, the two new restaurants serve state of the art cuisine.

Stingray Slam

Friday, Oct. 30th, 7pm

Sun County Stingray Stadium


  • Tip off starts at 7
  • Free noise makers to first 5,000 fans
  • Half-time half court shot challenge to random 10 fans. Winner gets 4 free season tickets.
  • Half off kids meals for all kids 12 and under


Contact 1-800-stingrays or visit our website for information on ticket prices.