All About Dhanu

By: Dhanu Navaneethan 2015

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My True color

My true color is gold.

Golds are:


-they make goals

-they follow rules

-they are responsible

-they like to be on time

-they like to be leaders

Hashtags That Describe Me





My Icon

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This icon explains me because I'm creative. It also describes me because I like art and painting

My Family

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I was born in Minnesota on March 28, 2003. My family lived there for 8 years. We moved to Texas when I was in third grade.


This summer I went to India to see my cousins and grandparents. We went to a bunch of waterfalls and temples there. We also stayed on a boat house.


When I grow up I want to be either an interior designer or a vet. I want to be an interior designer because I love to to decorate and am creative. I want to be a vet because I love to take care of and play with animals.
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