Fic for sale!

By Nick Musil

Moms! Do you need help around the house because no one else helps you? Are you tired of taking care of the whole household? Fic is the product for you! Fic helps you make food for all of your family. Your kids will be gluttonous for the wonderful food Fic will make. Fic can also help you with backbreaking chores like making every single bed and reading fiction stories to your kids at night! Fic is the overall best in business. Fic is better than all other brands. 83% of moms have already purchased this product and are living a relaxing life. Don't be left out! Get your own Fic today!
Fic is a wireless small robot that you can order online. It is white with some blue on its arms and head. Fic does not make noise when moving but he can speak if you order him to do something. At night, he charges in a wall outlet. All you have to do is hit the on/off switch. Fic runs on a small chip that holds everything like a human brain.
Fic was created in Frisco, Texas in 2008. We trained and programmed Fic to do everyday normal chores for you moms! We put it on the market in 2011 and now in 2013, 83% of moms are buying Fic. Fic has came a long way and we are hoping every single household has one Fic.